Extract from the interview with Romek Kosenkranius, Mayor of Pärnu, Estonia on 26 August 2016

Duration: 19 min

Kloss: How do you get people on bikes in Pärnu?

Kosenkranius: We build new bicycle paths in the entire city and also to the suburban areas, altogether we have now 60 km. We motivate kids to go to school by bike every day and we built a pump track. At new bus stations we constructed bike parkings.

Kloss: Do you have modal split numbers? F.i. Vienna has a share of 7% of cyclists.

Kosenkranius: I think less than 7% use the bicycle in Pärnu.

Kloss: Do you try to reduce the number of cars?

Kloss: Do you set standards for bike parkings in new buildings? Is it obligated to build a certain number of bike parkings in residential buildings?

Kosenkranius: Yes

Kosenkranius: We plan to build a new bridge and close the old one for cars, so that it is only for pedestrians and cyclists.