Ewa Kloss was born in Siedlce/Poland. She studied German philology in Warsaw, Urban Planning in Kaiserslautern/Germany and Vienna. She worked as Urban Planner at PlanSinn and as curator assistent at the special exhibition “Urban future” at the Technical Museum of Vienna. She illustrated the USE IT map of Graz 2019/20. At present Ewa works at Stadtlabor in Graz as Urban Planner with focus on participation processes.

Roland Kloss was born in Linz/Austria, studied Environmental System Sciences and Geography in Graz and Urban Planning in Vienna, with exchange semesters in Kamloops/Canada and Bordeaux. He worked as an expert for integrative urban energy planning in the Energy Center Vienna. At present Roland works as head of the Department for Sustainable Development at the City of Graz.

Ewa and Roland got to know each other at studying Urban Planning at the Technical University of Vienna. Their passion for cycling led into the foundation of the NGO Crossover – cyclists create cities for people to promote urban cycling. In 2016 they carried out a campaign for bicycle-friendly urban development. With a selfmade bamboo tandem and several event formats they connected stakeholders in 34 cities in 15 countries of Europe to establish a cooperation between citizens and public authorities to create cities for people. As a symbol of communication they made 35 mayors ride their bamboo tandem together with citizens in one direction and asked them: How do you get people on bikes? What is the future of urban mobility?


After the big tandem crossover tour 2016 Ewa and Roland settled in Graz/Austria, where they advocate for bicycle-friendly urban development and run the crossover network.

Jonas Eberlein was born in Erlangen/Germany, took a degree in Oriental studies in Erlangen, Aleppo and Mainz. He has worked in the field of education and academic cooperation in Moscow for several years. In 2017 he initiated the bicycle festival „200 years on two wheels“ with the German Embassy in Moscow to commemorate Karl von Drais’s great invention. At present Jonas works as bicycle transport coordinator at Hessen Mobil in Fulda/Germany.

In summer 2017 Jonas read about the Tandem Crossover initiative and invited Ewa and Roland to present their campaign at the Winter Cycling Congress 2018 in Moscow. As a team of three, they interviewed Ayrat Khayrullin, Mayor of Almetyevsk/Russia and invited him to cycle the Russian-German tandem with citizens and with Morten Kabell, Mayor of Copenhagen.

In 2019 Jonas joined the Tandem Crossover Team and together they performed actions in Graz, Ljubljana, Brussels and Darmstadt. At the Urban Movement Conference 2019 in Brussels they conducted a workshop about „How to establish a bike culture“. The conference was a great opportunity to connect to advocating cycling initiatives all over Europe.