Interview with Linas Kvedaravicius, Vice Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania on 16 August 2016

Duration: 8min

Kloss: How do you get people on bikes in Vilnius?

Kvedaravicius: It is very important to prepare roads for bikes. We will start next year to build 20 km of built bike paths.

Kloss: Only in the centre or in the whole city?

Kvedaravicius: They should connect all areas of the city.

Kloss: Are there goals, strategies or visions for cycling infrastructure in the city?

Kvedaravicius: We have a different situation like in Copenhagen, in the wintertime it is very dangerous to ride the bike here. But for 6-7 months the bike is very good. Cycling is cheap transportation, it is for free. We want to reach a share of cyclists of 6% by 2020.

Kloss: Do you try to reduce the number of cars in the city?

Kvedaravicius: Slowly, by reducing space for cars and with parking fees. We try to improve the public transport system. Problematic is that more and more families have two or even three cars…

Kloss: If the alternative means of transport are more attractive, people won’t need the car. What do you think is the future of urban mobility in Vilnius?

Kvedaravicius: Now 60-70% of people use the car. We try to change that. Better would be 50% and the rest public transport and bikes. E-bikes, e-cars and e-public transport are the future.

Kloss: Do you like to ride the bike?

Kvedaravicius: No (laughing). My home is 20km outside of Vilnius.