Interview with George Scripcaru, Mayor of Brasov on 25 May 2016

Duration: 6 min

Kloss: How do you get people on bikes in Brasov?

Scripcaru: There is already a category of people who use the bicycle and they make a lot of pressure on the city hall to create bicycle paths and to promote this kind of transportation. People said it’s okay that the bicycle is used on weekends, but let’s do more for the whole city. The next year the mobility plan will be realised and it’s very important to create infrastructure for cyclists to protect them on the street.

Kloss: What is the future of urban mobility in Brasov?

Scripcaru: Public Transport and bicycles, because the city is very compact. We have to build infrastructure for cycling. 35% using bicycles, 35% public transport, and the rest using the car.