Extract from the interview with Arvo Sarapuu, Vice Mayor of Tallinn, Estonia and municipal urban planner Tarmo Sulg on 31 August 2016

Duration: 4min

Kloss: How do you get people on bikes in Tallinn?

Sarapuu: Cycling in Tallinn is very popular but not so popular as we want. We will start a rental bicycle system in September.

Kloss: How about infrastructure on the streets? The rental bicycle system is nice, but it needs safe and attractive bicycle paths to ride the bicycle.

Tarmo Sulg: Do you want that people who use public transport use the bicycle instead?

Kloss: No of course not! Cycling is never a concurrence to public transport, we want that car drivers get on the bike! Do you have quantitative goals to improve the infrastructure?

Sarapuu: Our goal is a share of cyclists of 10% 2025.